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Discovery - Introduce Coding To Your Tiny Tots


To engage the ever-curious minds of the tiny pre-schoolers we have the course "Discovery". As the name suggests the course is so designed to take the little minds on a journey with fascinating discoveries and experiences.

Using tools like storytelling, role play, music, fun games, the course gives the child the liberty to think, stay engaged, experience basic concepts and most importantly enjoy the process.

The course comprises of 12 interactive and engaging sessions which enthrals the child to a zone of thinking, creativity and learning new things through varied activities.

The focus of this experiential program is to nurture the minds of these kids by developing skills like following multiple instructions, sequencing, sense of directions, problem solving, decision making, creativity, comprehension, observation and application.

Each session is unique and brings in its own flavour of creativity and interaction, meeting the learning outcome of learning by doing.

Using technology as a tool and a concept, the program gives these tiny tots exposure to screen free coding, robots, building of bots thereby giving wings to their untamed imagination.

Preschool Onwards

Price: USD 199

Duration: 30 Mins No of Sessions: 12 Sessions

Learning Outcomes

Highlights :  Story Telling, Expression, colours, music, roleplay, sound, Puzzles
Cognitive :  Recognize, Relate, Interpret, Operate
Psychomotor :  Build, Code, Troubleshoot
Affective :  Listen, Perceive, decide
Skill Developments :
  1. Expressiveness
  2. Recognizing sounds and behaviour
  3. Understanding multiple instructions
  4. Hand Eye Coordination