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Intermediate - Program your own bot and learn some cool sensors


This course is designed for that age group who has the capability to graduate from basic and simple concepts to complex and High order thinking learning.

The young thinkers are introduced to experiential learning through tools like assembling a bot, hands on activity with electrical and electronic components, complex coding activities, projects and assignments, mechanics and logic building.

The course comprises of 12 interactive and engaging sessions which enthrals the child to a zone of thinking, creativity and learning new things through varied activities.

The course "Intermediate" is a complete package for the young thinkers to ponder over concepts and implement it while building their bots, or programming their bots , thus opening an array of scope to redesign or reset their programming scripts and innovate.

The course gives them complete freedom to come up with their perspective to analyse, comprehend, implement basic concepts and put it in action. Encouraging students to participate in interactive projects, presentations and sharing of ideas form an important part of the course. The young thinker is well groomed, from a creator, a smart coder to a presenter in the process.

Using technology as the tool and concept, the course readies the young thinkers to face the new era of technology driven existence.

Grade 3 Onwards

Price: USD 149

Duration: 45 Mins No of Sessions: 12 Sessions

Note: We deliver a standard and quality experience to the learner of the course with customization depending on with STEAM kit and without STEAM kit options

Learning Outcomes

Highlights : Highlights mechanics, electronics, assembling with precision, machines, scratch coding, working of a robot, projects, gamified learning, presentations
Cognitive : Conceptual Knowledge, comprehension, analysis, application
Psychomotor : Building/ Precision Assembling, accurate work completion, articulation of projects
Affective : Active participation, selected attention, organisational skills
Skill Developments :
  1. Innovation
  2. Experimentation
  3. Focus
  4. Resilience
  5. Problem solving
  6. Analytical skills